TikTok Could Soon Takeover Journalism

Photo Credit to GettyImages

With most of Gen Zers and Millennials using TikTok nowadays, many journalists are turning to the app and using it as a platform to share news.

According to Business of Apps, 60% of US TikTok users are aged between 16–24.

TikTok seems to be a trend that continuous to grow and that could be due to the fact that many teens prefer visually seeing the news instead or reading it. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, video content is one of the most engaging forms of content and will soon dominate social media.

Nico Gendron, program manager for the Instagram Local News Fellowship, believes the Gen Z prefer to get their news and information from visual-first media products like TikTok. She also believes news-related video content should find similarly creative ways to include text in their videos. TikTok allows you to edit text in your videos which is why many news outlets and journalist use it.

If this trend continues to increase, it could have a positive impact on journalism. Eliana Miller, of Poynter, there is potential to use the app to engage with a wider audience and teach viewers about the journalism industry.

The lack of knowledge on how to connect with the younger generation could prevent TikTok from becoming the main platform for social media. A teen interviewed by Lauren Harris, of Columbia Journalism Review, said,” When grown-ups discuss social media, It borderlines into cringeyness. It’s like you’re really really trying too hard to relate and it just comes across as uncomfortable.”

On the other hand, if TikTok doesn’t pan out like many think, then journalists will have to revert back to other social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter in order to deliver news.

Photo Credit to GettyImages